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China's LED lighting lamps and lanterns industry analysis

  Good, at present, China's semiconductor lighting industry development epitaxy chip enterprises especially rapid development, packaging enterprises continue to maintain rapid growth in scale, large lighting application progress. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games show for people to focus on LED lighting to LED a new understanding, promoted the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry.
  The current global energy shortage concerns rise again under the background of the energy saving is one of the important problems we face the future, in the lighting field, the application of LED products is attracting the attention of the world LED as a new type of green light source products, must be the future development trend of the 21st century will enter the new lighting source era represented by the LED.
China's LED production Zhen meet  lamp in the 1970 s. After 30 years of development, China's LED industry has initially formed include LED epitaxial wafer production, the preparation of the LED chips, LED chips encapsulation and LED application products, a relatively complete industrial chain. Under the impetus of the "national semiconductor lighting project", Shanghai, dalian, nanchang, xiamen, shenzhen, yangzhou and shijiazhuang seven national semiconductor lighting project industrialization base. Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, fujian triangle and northern region has become China's LED industry development.