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With eight LED street lamp manufacturers compete

    March 25, from the city and the surrounding area 8 LED lights manufacturers will produce their own energy-saving LED lights on the road eleven Academy debut, and the municipal street management for a period of six months of testing. Test data will serve as the city's future road construction, street reconstruction project tender notice reference.

    This year, the city of lights will be located west of the Academy of Sciences of the road as a test platform, take the initiative to invite LED manufacturers participating in field tests in order to grasp the product specific performance, improve the city's quality of installing energy-saving LED lights. Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Kunshan unified eight LED lights manufacturer, the requirement for the application of 12 sets of LED lights to participate in competition testing. Competition projects include energy efficiency testing, service life, failure rate, waterproof and dustproof protection grade 8 indicators. The person in charge of the city lights, energy saving lamps in this test, each manufacturer of LED lights replace academician Lu originally installed 12 sets of 150W high pressure sodium lamps. The street will conduct on-site inspections regularly scheduled professional inspections, test records data comparison. Through testing, the street lamps will filter out green and efficient energy saving LED lights, as a basis for possible future use.