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Frequently on the photoelectric business model based on technology innovation market in LED lighting applications

    Yesterday held 2012 annual shareholders' meeting to consider the motion. During the meeting, chairman of Li Xuliang development issues related to the company's shareholders and participants, investors and the media were exchanged.

    The technology-based innovative business models

    It is reported that, based on Kingsun LED lighting product development, production, sales and engineering design integration of the innovative technology companies, for the user "LED lighting solutions provide a systematic comprehensive professional service providers." Our main business includes LED landscape lighting, LED functional lighting, LED display and LED special lighting four big series.

    Media and investors visited the company's showrooms and labs. Showrooms showcase the company's products broad range of applications in different areas with different comprehensive supporting program. Company's product line now covers road, landscape, automotive, medical, office, home, advertisement decoration, commercial and other applications. In 2012 the company has developed 15 new road lighting models, the old product improvements 10; major landscape lighting project has developed 14; interior new product development 19 Series 106 models products; other extension products 263 models. The project is very much laboratory tests, such as heat, cold, dust, hot and cold temperature conversion, waterproof, vibration and so on.

    Kingsun laboratory relevant responsible person said, Kingsun strict requirements on product quality is not only reflected in the selection and manufacturing, but also in all lighting rigorous testing on finished products. In recent years, on the ground with Tsinghua University and other famous universities to carry out extensive research cooperation, set up through the China Commission for Conformity Assessment Laboratory (CNAS) certified laboratory. The introduction of various types of testing, analysis, evaluation instruments more than 160 units, can be carried out more than 100 test items, is the industry's most comprehensive laboratories.

    Ground on the national accredited laboratories (CNAS) as the focus detection mechanism in the design input, output, review, verification, analysis, based on the finished products are all lighting must be rigorous testing standards, including security, performance, reliability and EMC, etc. comprehensive testing, in order to make ground on the finest quality products to the market. Within the scope of authorization, the ground on the laboratory test report issued by CNAS can cover chapter received national recognition, and can be obtained with the China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) international mutual recognition agreements signed by 54 countries or economies recognition.

    Li Xuliang said the company will continue to build the brand, developed and operated core competitiveness, innovative business models, develop LED lighting applications market. Through a cooperative manner with the insurance company EMC model assist in the promotion of the smooth progress of the application, the integration of EMC and BT and other business model advantages, introduced an upgraded version of the EMBT business model. "Factory incubator" program recognized by the market, the annual planned incubator factories contracted to complete 10 to break regional barriers, product localization.

    Consolidating the domestic market actively explore overseas markets

    Li Xuliang said, the domestic LED lighting industry support gradually clear roadmap. May 2012, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government issued the "Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products, implementation plan," according to the program plan, spread over three years, Guangdong LED public lighting. January 30, 2013, by the National Development and Reform Commission and other multi-sectoral joint preparation of the "semiconductor lighting energy industry planning" pointed out: LED lighting energy industry output value of average annual growth of around 30% in 2015 reached 450 billion yuan, of which the LED lighting applications average output value of 180 billion yuan.

    In the domestic market, the company in a number of landmark projects frequently gains on some projects include: construction of two projects in Guangzhou township street lights equipment procurement and related services tenders three cross-strait cooperation in the semiconductor lighting project - Guangzhou Metro Demonstration Project Procurement Project (Lot II), the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway lighting testing section of LED lamps contract energy management projects, the Great Hall auditorium lighting million renovation project, the state Department of Housing and Urban lighting renovation project, the State Sports General Administration major stadium lighting retrofits projects.

    In the international market, the company in an effort to keep Europe and other developed economies, market share, increase in emerging markets nurturing and development efforts. South America and Southeast Asia, where rapid growth, good layout of the company this year, overseas markets will become a major bright spot, there are several recent orders intention to reach.

    LED grow this year or will enter the channel performance-reward investors

    The industry believes that, in recent years, China's LED lighting industry investment has been showing rapid growth, with the 2012 adjustment of investment structure, after the baptism of the market a number of smaller, lower-skilled company has gradually withdrawn from the market. LED industry highlights the competitive advantage of application areas, help to further enhance the LED lighting industry's overall competitiveness.

    February 17 this year, six ministries jointly issued a "semiconductor lighting industry, energy planning," clearly put forward in the commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and government offices, public lighting and other areas to increase efforts to promote LED lighting products, 2015 60W incandescent lamp for general lighting above all eliminated, LED functional lighting products market share increased to 20%. Open market space will contribute to the formation of leading enterprises, and as a listed company is expected with strong capital strength of the industry chain upstream and downstream integration to obtain cost advantages, the rapid growth of scale.

    The future will form 10-15 grasp the core technology with independent intellectual property rights and more well-known brand, quality competitive enterprises. Outward expansion and market concentration to enhance long-term growth of the company will be relying on.

    Company insiders said that currently the company's orders than more recently there are several foreign orders reached a preliminary intention. Yesterday the company procurement negotiations floor area is also a busy scene, from domestic as well as foreign buyers.

    Recently, the company released a quarterly report, January-March 2013, operating income 225,231,120.29 yuan, up 43.75%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 28,208,156.30 yuan, an increase of 30.79%.

    January to June 2013 the company expects attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 5,003.21 to 6,367.72 million, an increase of 10-40%.