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Road lighting predict the size of the market and enterprise development Suggestions

  In 2012, about 2.5 million light, LED street lights in China domestic market sales growth around 130%, has maintained a high growth momentum, market penetration has increased to more than 11%, become the most representative of the popularization and application of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Is expected in 2013, under the drive of multiple factors, the growth of the road lighting market is expected to more than 100%, again LED road lighting applications have no insurmountable technical barriers. 2015 years ago, LED lights market is expected to maintain a 80% compound annual growth rate, in street lamp market in 2015 almost 50% of market share.

  For road lighting enterprise, the rapid growth of the market to the enterprise has brought enormous development opportunities. However, as the road lighting market further marketization, standardization, transparency, and the international enterprises with well-known companies such as philips, GE, will also face more intense market competition, domestic enterprises should not only speed up promote technology level, should also actively strengthen cooperation, integration of resources, innovative business model.
  In addition, the intelligent lighting system application and development of business models, such as EMC will also brings to the enterprise development new opportunities and challenges. With the enhancing product quality, scale of intelligent lighting control system application, road lighting payback period will be shortened, EMC business model applicability to ascend, the next two years could be further promoted. However, the business model for products with high technical requirements and shelf life long, and long repayment period, the road lighting market is expected to further to the technology, capital and government relationship is strong, the size of the concentration in respect of the weaker enterprises will gradually be eliminated or are forced to transition the indoor markets.
  In the short term, our country LED lighting market is bullish on roads, road lighting enterprise faces good opportunities for development, but as is replaced in the next few years a lot of street lamp, and expects 2015 years later, LED road lighting market growth will slow, and layout of road tunnel lighting enterprise in advance to prepare. For the LED road lighting enterprise's future development, gives the following advice:
  First, strengthen technology research and development. New business model form for further enhance of product technology and quality requirements, are directly related to the profitability of enterprises. Enterprises should vigorously strengthen product r&d and intelligent control technology research and development, efforts to improve product and the reliability of the control system.
  Second, in terms of EMC business ACTS accordingly. EMC mode development brings to the enterprise precious development opportunity, but to the enterprise financial strength demand is high, long payback period. Especially adopt the EMBT mode and ESCo corporation investment by enterprises, the enterprises should your cloth in the development of EMC business, find a suitable for their own share of business and risk control model.
  Third, strengthen the overseas market development. Russia, India and some emerging market demand. Enterprises should strengthen the expand overseas markets, reduce dependency on government procurement.
  Fourth, enhance the level of professional services, to professional development. Road lighting with many professional fields such as the venue lighting has the similarity, the depth of field development to sports lighting, industrial lighting, such as high light, gas station lighting, parking lot lighting professional market development, etc.